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Examples of feedback comments from participants

'Tremendous value to me'

'Absolutely excellent. Packed with invaluable information'

'Most useful course I have attended in 32 years'

'Made me ask questions I didn't expect to ask'

'Opened up my mind to positives'

'Good insight into pitfalls'

'Helped us think together'

'Excellent. More content than I ever dreamt!!'

'Now confident to retire ASAP'

'Enjoyed it immensely'


Planning Retirement Online

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Pre-Retirement Courses

Highly valued In-house and Open Pre-Retirement Courses all around the UK provided by LaterLife

You can also visit our separate Retirement Courses site for full information for organisations.


Getting the most out of retirement with LaterLife's Pre Retirement courses

Retirement involves some significant changes to life – income will be different, use of time will alter and the relationship with a partner and/or friends will undergo a transformation.

Everyone approaches retirement from a different point of view and with a mix of emotions. Even those who are looking forward to it can feel a sense of loss after the initial euphoria wears off.

The better prepared one is for these changes the more successful and enjoyable retirement will be and the more pitfalls will be avoided.

Large corporates have for years recognised the value of providing their staff with pre-retirement courses, and our consultants have a wealth of experience of delivering pre-retirement training in the corporate sector.

Now through Laterlife's extensive open schedule of retirement courses, individuals and small businesses can benefit too.

The ideal time is to attend a pre retirement course during the 3 years prior to possible retirement, irrespective whether this is aligned to your occupational pension age, state pension age, or earlier for those planning to take early retirement. The course is equally applicable for those already retired. If you haven't already decided when to retire the course will help you decide what is best for you.


Take a look at some of the comments from previous pre-retirement course participants

You can also visit our separate Retirement Courses site

There is a lot to think about when planning for retirement, including:

    • How will I spend my time?
    • What will I be able to afford?
    • How can I best sort out my finances?
    • Do I want to do any form of work – if so do I want to be paid or will it be in the voluntary sector?
    • What sort of activities will I be suited to, given my experience and temperament?
    • What sort of hobbies will suit me?
    • Do I want to get some more education?
    • Where can I find the necessary information?

These and a whole host of other questions related to your retirement plan will be answered during an informal programme that you may attend with or without your partner and that will be tailored to suit your personal needs and preferences. You can analyse your own strengths and likes and then match them to what you can do in your long and happy retirement.

If you would like to know more about pre-retirement courses please click on the appropriate enquiry form link below and we will email details to you including a pre-retirement course specification, details of pre-retirement courses availability and prices.

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