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Examples of feedback comments from participants

'Tremendous value to me'

'Absolutely excellent. Packed with invaluable information'

'Most useful course I have attended in 32 years'

'Made me ask questions I didn't expect to ask'

'Opened up my mind to positives'

'Good insight into pitfalls'

'Helped us think together'

'Excellent. More content than I ever dreamt!!'

'Now confident to retire ASAP'

'Enjoyed it immensely'


Planning Retirement Online

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Pre-retirement Training

laterlife runs both open workshops around the country and in-house workshops for organisations.

Planning Retirement in actionOur base schedule of open workshops is shown below. Please note these do get added to during the year, so if the locations and dates are not convenient please complete the enquiry form anyway and we will advise you of additional availability.

You can also view our UK coverage map on our retirement courses site

Retirement Planning WorkshopsTo obtain a planning retirement course specification, details of course availability and prices, with no obligation, please click on the appropriate link below to our Retirement Courses site: 

Enquiry for Individuals - whether paying for yourself or sponsored by your employer

Enquiry for Organisations - please use this link if you are enquiring on behalf of an organisation

If you entered this page directly please see information about the courses first.

Open retirement course event schedule for the UK
Covering England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland


Open UK retirement course schedule
May 2018 - December 2018
Covering England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland

LaterLife Learning Open Workshops Schedule
2 day "Extended Finance" workshop dates are highlighted in blue and marked with a +

May 2018

June 2018

01 May Stafford
01 May Chester
03 May Canterbury
03 May Glasgow
03 May Milton Keynes
08 May London
10 May Edinburgh
10 May Birmingham
14-15 May London+

15 May York
15 May Cardiff
17-18 May Leeds+
17 May Tunbridge Wells
22 May Cambridge
22 May Winchester
24-25 May Bath+
24 May London
31 May Exeter

05 Jun Aberdeen
05 Jun Southampton
07 Jun London
07-08 Jun Birmingham+
07 Jun Norwich
12 Jun Plymouth
12 Jun Reading
12 Jun Leeds
14-15 Jun London+

14 Jun Bristol
14 Jun Peterborough
19 Jun Manchester
21-22 Jun Edinburgh+
21 Jun London
26 Jun Kendal
28 Jun Oxford
28 Jun Preston
28 Jun Taunton

July 2018

August 2018

03 Jul Basingstoke
03 Jul Sheffield
05 Jul Carlisle
05-06 Jul Leeds+
05 Jul London
05 Jul Cambridge
10 Jul Birmingham
10 Jul Chester
12-13 Jul London+

12 Jul Gloucester
19 Jul Newcastle
19 Jul Nottingham
19 Jul York
23-24 Jul Bath+
24 Jul London
26 Jul Canterbury
26 Jul Liverpool
26 Jul Edinburgh

02 Aug London
02 Aug Glasgow
02 Aug Tunbridge Wells
07 Aug Southampton
09 Aug Belfast
09-10 Aug London+
09 Aug Leicester
14 Aug Ipswich
14 Aug Manchester

16 Aug Leeds
16 Aug Milton Keynes
21 Aug Farnborough
23-24 Aug Birmingham+
23 Aug London
23 Aug Reading
30 Aug Bristol
30 Aug Exeter
30 Aug Cardiff

September 2018

October 2018

04 Sep Norwich
04 Sep Chelmsford
04 Sep Preston
06 Sep London
06 Sep Oxford
06 Sep Gloucester
06 Sep Tunbridge Wells
11 Sep Swansea
13 Sep York

13-14 Sep London+
18 Sep Taunton
18 Sep Birmingham
20-21 Sep Edinburgh+
20 Sep Bath
25 Sep London
25 Sep Kendal
27 Sep Portsmouth
27-28 Sep Leeds+

02 Oct Bournemouth
04 Oct Aberdeen
04 Oct Reading
04 Oct Cambridge
09 Oct London
09 Oct Southampton
11-12 Oct Bath+
11 Oct Edinburgh
11 Oct Manchester

16 Oct Newcastle
16 Oct Plymouth
18-19 Oct London+
18 Oct Milton Keynes
19 Oct Wakefield
23 Oct London
23 Oct Sheffield
23 Oct Bristol
25-26 Oct Birmingham+

November 2018

December 2018

01 Nov Lincoln
01 Nov Chester
01 Nov Swansea
06 Nov London
06 Nov Winchester
08 Nov Gloucester
08 Nov Glasgow
08 Nov Nottingham
08 Nov Oxford

13 Nov Cardiff
13 Nov Liverpool
15-16 Nov London+
15 Nov York
20 Nov Bath
20 Nov Birmingham
20 Nov Peterborough
22 Nov London
26-27 Nov Leeds+

03-04 Dec Edinburgh+
04 Dec London
04 Dec Manchester
06 Dec Reading
06 Dec Leeds
06-07 Dec Birmingham+
10-11 Dec Bath+
11 Dec Southampton
13-14 Dec London+

13 Dec Taunton

All London workshops are held within easy walking distance of Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston stations as well as Euston Square and Warren Street tube stations so are very convenient


If a suitable date/location is not shown please enquire anyway because the basic schedule is added to based on demand.

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