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Examples of feedback comments from participants

'Tremendous value to me'

'Absolutely excellent. Packed with invaluable information'

'Most useful course I have attended in 32 years'

'Made me ask questions I didn't expect to ask'

'Opened up my mind to positives'

'Good insight into pitfalls'

'Helped us think together'

'Excellent. More content than I ever dreamt!!'

'Now confident to retire ASAP'

'Enjoyed it immensely'


Planning Retirement Online

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Laterlife Retirement Workshops and  Retirement Seminars

In-house and Open Pre-Retirement Training all around the UK

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Retirement Seminars v Retirement Workshops

Pre-retirement course in action The key objective of a retirement seminar or retirement workshop is to enable the delegates to construct a realistic and effective plan for their retirement having looked at retirement in all its aspects. For those who haven’t yet decided when to retire the objective is also to help decide the timing that would suit them.

Although quite often the terms seminar, workshop and course are used interchangeably, the term retirement seminar in particular may conjure up the idea of a room full of people being presented to.  In our opinion that style of training is  inappropriate for retirement preparation.

We specifically use the term retirement workshop rather than retirement seminar  because these are very interactive events which aim to make attendees really think about each aspect of their retirement. There isn't a single powerpoint in sight! Exercises and associated discussions help everyone identify what is important to them personally and to identify the actions to take to ensure they enjoy and make the most of their retirement.

 The style of the workshops really engages participants and the feedback received is always effusive, with participants often saying  it’s the best course they have ever attended.

For full information on the workshops either visit the separate Pre retirement Workshops site or use the links in the side panel to view the full schedule of workshops or to request a full specification and prices.



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