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Jobs from the Reach files - 11

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In this regular series Olive Braman tells how volunteers can use their skills and expertise through REACH, the charity that places professional and business people in part time voluntary jobs

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Godfrey takes the chair

When Godfrey Kent, from Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, retired as MD of the printing firm he founded nearly 30 years ago, he was determined to put his abundant energy to good use. He is an enthusiastic sportsman playing golf, tennis, badminton and other sports.  Being a golfer, he enjoys a challenge and looked for something that would make the best use of his experience. He found it through REACH, the charity which places professional people in part-time voluntary jobs. Godfrey is now the Chair of the Nottinghamshire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND Association).

The aims of the Association are to ensure awareness of the disease, to promote research in order to discover a cure and to provide the care and support that those affected by MND need. Services offered include supply of  vital aids and equipment free of charge and professional Care Advisors.

Godfrey says, “Motor Neurone Disease is remorseless, relentless and fatal. It attacks the nerve cells that carry messages from the brain instructing the muscles to act. It can affect people of all ages, robbing them of choices most of us take for granted: walking, talking, and even swallowing. Once lost, the power to move a particular muscle never returns, although in almost all cases the senses and intellect remain intact. Accordingly, people with MND slowly become prisoners in their own body, and they and their carers can become very isolated.

“At Christmas we learned that we had been awarded the status of Charity of the Year by the `Chad’ newspaper of Mansfield. This was wonderful news because we really need publicity. A Mori poll last year showed that only 1% of those questioned had any substantive knowledge of MND. The better known we are and the more support we can get, the more help we can give to alleviate some of the effects and to search out the causes and hopefully to find a cure for this insidious disease.”

Godfrey has initiated a programme of fund-raising presentations and publicity to raise awareness of the disease and the work of the Association, which relies entirely on voluntary donations. He is also a member of a new national working party that is taking a holistic approach to models of care.

He says,  “I am keen on team building as a way of enabling people to develop their talents, giving people the chance to feel ownership of what they are doing and to act creatively. We have produced a new-style newsletter, recruited new people to the committee and are developing major fund-raising activities.

All this has given him tremendous satisfaction.  “I have made many friends through my involvement with the MND Association. It’s like having a new family. I would not hesitate to suggest to anyone who feels that they have something to offer that they find out more about this most worthy organisation.”

For further information about the MND Association  please telephone 01604 250505; email:      website:  

For information about REACH please telephone 020 7582 6543;email  website

REACH  finds part time/expenses-only jobs for people who have time to give and who want to offer their managerial or professional career experience for the benefit of voluntary organisations in nearby locations. This job placement service is available free of charge to both volunteers and charitable organisations needing their expertise throughout the UK.

For further information about REACH please contact Richard and Judy Carson ( REACH area managers) telephone 01425 650518.     REACH website:  

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