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Jobs from the Reach files - 16

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In this regular series Olive Braman tells how volunteers can use their skills and expertise through REACH, the charity that places professional and business people in part time voluntary jobs

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Patrick breaks the age barrier

When Patrick Salaun took early retirement from Barclays Bank over three years ago he had no intention of ever doing another full-time paid job.

Now, Patrick, aged 54, has started a new career, full time and fully paid. He is corporate fund raiser for the National Association of Citizen’s Advice Bureaux  (NACAB) in London.

“I was the senior corporate manager for the West Hertfordshire Group and had been with the Bank for 30 years,” says Patrick.  “I felt that their early leavers scheme offered a wonderful opportunity to try out new activities and challenges on my own terms, without time and financial stresses. I knew that I did not want to go back into a corporate environment with rigid structures.” 

After retirement, Patrick did some work as a human resource consultant for a small city firm and was running some projects through his own business consultancy but, he says, his real breakthrough came when he was introduced to REACH, the charity that places managers and professionals in voluntary jobs. 

“The first job that they found me as a volunteer was to help a small charity finalise their business plan to enable them to raise corporate funding. I then joined the head office volunteer fund-raising team at REACH specialising in corporate donations. Given my  background  in banking, this enabled me to make use of my information- gathering and negotiation skills and I found the work both challenging and satisfying.” 

And it was through REACH that Patrick gained the confidence and experience to apply for his present job with NACAB. 

Patrick is helping to raise funds for CABnet 2000, a major modernisation programme, which will be a national network of integrated computer information systems. It will enable the network of 700 outlets, staffed largely by volunteers dealing with over six million queries each year, to deliver top quality advice to more people more quickly and easily than ever before. 

Patrick is also involved in volunteer training and major events at NACAB. “I did not set out to find another job when I began as a volunteer with REACH. However, I enjoyed what I was doing so much that, when the opportunity presented itself I took it.  I am doing the same work full-time and with an organisation for which I have a deep respect. Although I never expected to be starting a new career in my mid-fifties, I enjoy rising to the challenge. 

“I am using my skills in report writing and assessment of companies, their values and the types of project they would be likely to support. But I am also learning about working in a multi-disciplinary environment and up-dating my IT skills.  

“Not everyone who works for a charity is going to find that this leads to a new career, but when REACH offers them the chance to use their experience and develop their talents they can be sure that they will find great job satisfaction.” 

For information about REACH please telephone 020 7582 6543;email:  website

For further information about NACAB contact Moira Haynes, NACAB press officer, telephone 020 7833 7107.

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