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Planning Retirement Online


Changing Jobs and Redundancy in later life

If you are looking for a change of job in laterlife, take a look at our sections on Jobs and Work or laterlife-recruitment which include details of resources specific to the over 50s.

If you have retired, or are about to, and you want part-time work, look at our Guide to Part-time Jobs and Part-time Work It is an extensive section on finding part-time paid or voluntary work.

If you have been made redundant, or are likely to be, then we provide details of some particularly useful resources below.

If you are considering retirement as one of your options then also take a look at our section on pre-retirement training.

Losing your job is often beyond your control. How you cope with it isn’t. is a resource designed for those who are experiencing or have experienced, job loss through redundancy, termination or dismissal.

It provides a range of assistance from legal and financial advice to emotional support. You can find expert advice and talk to people who know what you are going through. It also provides practical advice with finding a new job.

Although when it happens it may seem like the end of the world, redundancy, dismissal and severance can be an excellent opportunity to explore areas of your life you may never have considered. Losing your job through redundancy can be the start of a whole new phase of life with new opportunities.

You can also go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Government website.

 For general help with coping with redundancy, on the legal side, finding another job and all sorts of other issues, go to Redundancy Help, where you'll find some excellet independent advice.

DBIS (Department of Business Innovation and Skills) - Official information from the DBIS on rights and payments for those made  redundant.

Fish4Jobs This is an attractive, comprehensive classified section for jobs on the net. The site has a search engine that allows you to look for certain job types and also to view a selection of company profiles. You can also get career advice and news reports about the latest developments in the career arena.

Books from Amazon:

Amazon BooksManaging Redundancy
Surviving Redundancy
Handling Redundancy

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