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Re-marriage in later life

If you are planning to get married again here are some very useful sites.

Jill Curtis, a psychotherapist, has published a book called How to Get Married ... Again (A Guide to Second Weddings). Published by Hodder and Stoughton.


Read her article on Getting Married in Later Life!

And if you have any concerns about remarrying and its effect on your relationships why not have a look in our laterlife Relationship Counselling Index. It's a series of articles on various topics written by laterlife's relationship counsellor Maggi Stamp, a qualified and experienced relationship counsellor for Relate and in private practice.


Marriage Legal Requirements - Second Marriages in the UK
An excellent guide from Wedding Guide UK. It gives information on the official position of most christian services, and registry offices. Also visit the rest of the site for information and advice about getting married in the UK. Check out the rest of the site for more services.


Most of the information on our Weddings page is equally applicable for re-marriages with lots of information on services available, places to stay, music and more.

Gifts and Celebrations

See also our general information on Gifts and celebrating special events. If you want to organise a wedding party, have a look at our Guide to Organising that Special Party. It'll give you some ideas and remind you of the essentials.

Wills and re-marriage

Perhaps not what you want to think about at this time, but don't forget if you are getting married again you will need to change your will to reflect the new situation, otherwise the right things might not happen in the event of your death.

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