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Since this article was first written in 2004, Laterlife has become the leading provider of open retirement workshops in the UK.
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Geoff Osborne describes’s first planning retirement workshop

The workshop took place in Reading, and was run by in conjunction with D3 Consultants who have many years experience of delivering such workshops.

Who attended?

People from the fields of property management, nursing, teaching, programme management, information technology and university lecturing, together with an already retired person (there for an MOT on his new lifestyle). Ages ranged from 55 to 60, and some couples came along together.

What did they want from the workshop?


  • Advice on financial matters

  • A desire to continue working but in a more casual way

  • To explore anxieties about retirement

  • A search for creative pastimes

  • Opportunities for further education

  • Tips on health and fitness

  • Understanding how relationships might change

  • Wanting to make the most of this next phase of their life

Who ran it and what happened?

Dave Sinclair from D3 Consultants has over 30 years experience of facilitation and training. He started the workshop by asking participants to think about their concerns and aspirations. There was much discussion, sparking off ideas, comparing experiences. He explored various themes to meet the expectations listed above, with plenty of highly participative exercises to make the day get off to a lively start.

Dave then talked about how to plan finances in retirement. The brainstorming session on keeping costs down threw up some interesting ideas – self sufficiency, couples managing on one car (lively debate here!), taking advantage of off-peak deals, and knowing how to claim all allowances.

“I’m here to put some shape on my retirement”

The session on working in retirement looked at the value participants derived from their current work, and presented pertinent questions such as: what was important to them in their lives, and what transferable skills they had. Putting these together helped to firm up people’s ideas and preferences.

What kind of leisure activities did they want to pursue? The list produced was endless, including learning to play a musical instrument (apparently many older people regret not having done this in their youth), researching the family tree, getting published, amateur dramatics, committee work, and all the usual sporting activities. A word of warning here was not to over-commit early on in retirement, otherwise all the old stresses could re-emerge.

Dave set the group the task of keeping costs down in the travel session and imaginations ran riot. How to handle last minute holidays, youth hostelling, VSO, house swaps, acting as a courier, even volunteering for reality TV shows came up in the discussion!

There’s a wide choice and many bargains available for continuing education. For example, the retired person in the group reported that his year’s Psychology course at Reading University cost just 120.

“I’ve been so busy at work handing things over, that I’ve not really got round to thinking about my retirement, though it’s only a few weeks away. “

Familiar ground was covered on health and fitness – regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, meditation, regular health checks. Is retirement is a risk or an opportunity - a time to go down the gym or a time to drink more wine? The subject provoked much discussion.

Dave urged due caution on moving house in retirement, and provided a very useful checklist for those considering this course of action.

The final session on relationships was very insightful. What are the potential problems for married couples when their space is invaded by the other partner? Are husbands tempted to reorganise the kitchen cabinets? (One confessed to this and was surprised that his wife wasn’t thrilled to bits.)

The day ended with packs of useful information, and the ongoing support provided by
Feedback on the workshop was excellent: thought-provoking, therapeutic and good fun were words used by everyone present. Concerns had been addressed, new opportunities identified, and retirement plans firmed up.

Laterlife’s first off-the-web venture had proved to be a great success.

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