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When specialist 50+ insurance provider RIAS asked people of 50-plus a few questions on home and security, they came up with several surprises 

Q  If you were aware that there was an intruder in your house, would you telephone the police and wait/leave the house/confront the intruder/do nothing? 

A 29.6 per cent of 50-60 year olds, 26 per cent of 61-70 year olds and 67 per cent of 71-80 year olds said they would confront an intruder in the house. Nearly two-thirds in the two younger age categories would telephone the police and wait, but only 27 per cent of 71-80 year olds would do so.

Q  People over 50 tend to spend more time at home, are less likely to make a fraudulent claim and generally take better care of their possessions. Do you believe that the over 50s should therefore pay less for their home insurance? 



A  99 per cent of those questioned believed the over 50s should pay less for home insurance.  

Q The government has recently increased the number of UK police on ‘the beat’. Have you felt the benefit of a stronger police presence? 

A 8.2 per cent said they felt less protected against burglary despite a stronger police presence – only 4.8 per cent said they felt safer. 

Q  What is your view of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme? A waste of time/indifferent/a good use of government funds and police time? 

A 11per cent said they found the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme a waste of government funds and police time, 45 per cent were indifferent, 44 per cent thought Neighbourhood Watch was a good use of resources, with more men than women in favour.   

Q What security measures have you put in place to protect your home? Deadlocks or chubb locks/window locks/burglar alarm/security lighting/spy holes and door chains? 

A Of the 50–60 year olds questioned:

33 per cent used deadlocks daily

30 per cent window locks

11 per cent  alarm

18 per cent lighting

8 per cent spy hole 


Of the 61 –70 year olds:

30 per cent used deadlocks daily

22 per cent window locks

8 per cent alarm

28 per cent lighting

12 per cent spy hole


Of the 71 – 80 year olds:

34 per cent used deadlocks daily

19 per cent window locks

12 per cent alarm

29 per cent lighting

5 per cent spy hole



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