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Transform your home with a little imagination 

March 2005 

Transform your home with a little imagination.

Is it time to get your home just how you want it? Folding doors and partitions for the home offer you so many solutions for transforming your living space:

  • Recovering space often lost with conventional door swing.

  • Dividing open living areas into separate rooms but with the flexibility to open them out when required e.g. kitchen/living room, dining room/living room, sleeping areas from living areas

  • Providing opening partitions across entrances to new extensions and conservatories

  • Making it easier for wheelchair users to manoeuvre without the need for the swing of a conventional door

  • Shutting off untidy cubby-holes so they are no longer an eyesore.

  • Fitting a folding door across an area to create an easy to access large cupboard or wardrobe.

These are just a few of the uses we at Pellfold Parthos have experienced. The list of uses is endless once you start to think about it.

The range of partitions available adds to what you can achieve too. There are wood veneers or grained melamine laminates allowing the product to blend with the surround interior and also the popular sculptured acrylic panelled version to prevent loss of light.

All the products we offer are wood based, unlike the plastic folding doors sometimes to be found in low budget stores. This means you have a product that will give many years of service and is elegant and versatile. The Spacers domestic range is easy to install, clean and maintain and no floor track is required. They hang from a track, which is hidden by a moulding to match the door finish.


Pellfold Parthos has been, in one form or another, the supplier of folding doors and partitions for more than 30 years. From its original premises in Pimlico, London the company relocated to Maidenhead, Berkshire in 1995. Particularly here in the UK, the company has always enjoyed a loyal customer base. We give that little bit extra to ensure one to one friendly service to all our customers. Not only in the service and attention we give but also in the product.


    “We purchased a Classic almost 20 years ago. The door itself looks as good today as it did when we bought it and has worked perfectly trouble free over the years, we even took it with us when we moved house 16 years ago”.         
As well as the domestic range we are the popular choice by architects for our acoustic partitions and movable walls. These are installed throughout the UK in churches, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, golf clubs and offices. One of my favourites is at the Headland Hotel, Newquay where movable walls in both Restaurant and Ballroom were required to blend with the Victorian splendour found in such an outstanding building

With just a little imagination folding partitions and walls can provide the solution in so many locations. Visit our web site. for more ideas, and take a look at our special offer for laterlife visitors.
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