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Sammy Sperm`s journey 


Sammy Sperm’s Journey to:   

The Prostate Cancer Charity has launched what it calls its Secret Sex Gland campaign. Why secret? Because the prostate gland is hidden, tucked away, invisible.  Prostate cancer affects one in 13 men in the UK, yet a MORI poll commissioned by the Charity found that seven out of eight people didn’t know what the prostate gland does.   

The Secret Sex Gland campaign aims to makes people more aware of the prostate gland and the role it plays in men’s sex lives, and it launches with an on-line game, called ‘Journey to Planet Prostate’, starring Sammy Sperm..


The object of the game is to help Sammy and his friends to travel from the Twin Planet Testes to Planet Prostate. This is not as easy as it sounds - they must be guided carefully as there are many hazards en route. Only when Sammy and his friends have safely reached Planet Prostate can they board the space ship SS Ejaculation for blast off! 

This, as you will gather, illustrates the biological processes at work inside men’s bodies when they are sexually aroused, but without the biology lesson. 

To play the game and assist Sammy in his quest to reach Planet Prostate, log onto  

The Prostate Cancer Charity was founded in 1996 and is the only organisation within the United Kingdom to focus on both support and information for men with prostate cancer and their families as well as carrying out research into prostate cancer. They provide free information to guide people through diagnosis and treatment and can put them in touch with others through their nationwide network of support contacts. They also run a confidential information and Helpline service (0845 300 8383) and a website for anybody concerned about the disease     

What is the prostate?

  • The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. Most people don’t know what it does and even scientists aren’t sure about all its functions.  

  • It’s about the size of a pea at birth. It doesn’t do much until its first big growth spurt at puberty. It then doesn’t change much in size for a while longer - it’s about the size of a golf ball in an adult. It usually begins to grow again when you hit your forties and early fifties.  

What does it do?

  • It makes prostatic fluid, one of the five major fluids that make up semen.

Semen is the ‘bodyguard’ for sperm. It strongarms sperm along, puts the right food for the journey in the boot, and escorts them safely to their destination.  

  • The prostatic fluid gives ejaculate its typical milky colour.  Prostatic fluid makes up about a third of the entire ejaculate volume.  

  • After ejaculation the fluid quickly clots, and then proteins in prostatic fluid dissolves the clot, liberating the sperm, making them much more active.  

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