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The National Statistics Office regularly produces facts and figures about life in the UK.   Here's a round-up of latest findings to drop into your conversation…


        In 1998-1999, 22% of UK households lived in a detached home, 30% and 28% lived in a semi or terraced housing

        In 1999, 39% of deaths in England and Wales were from circulatory diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, 24% from cancer, 17% from respiratory disease

        In September 2000 there were over 33 million mobile 'phone users in the UK

        Of the top 500 European companies in January 2000, 146 were UK-based

        Almost 110,000 UK businesses engaged in manufacturing in the year 2000 employed under ten people, nearly three-quarters of total businesses

        Some 382 vineyards produce an average of 1.3 million litres of wine a year in England and Wales

        Free top UK tourist attraction in 1999 was Blackpool Pleasure Beach with around 7.2 million visitors

        For the third year since 1977, the divorce rate has fallen, lowest since 1990, with 12.9 people divorcing per thousand married population

        Average age of divorce has risen over the three years,being 40.9 years for men and 38.4 years for women in 1999


Internet Access - trends and directions  


Percentage of UK households with access to the internet

         in July-September 1998:   9%

         in July-September 1999: 18%

         in July-September 2000:  30% 

Percentage of adults accessing the internet in October 2000

        age 16-24 years:    82%

        age 25-44 years:    60%

        age 45-54 years:    50%

        age 55-64 years:    28%

        age 65-74 years:    14%

        aged 75 years and over  4%

Male:      52%

Female:  39%

The majority used a computer in their own home (72%)

or another person's home (34%)

or the workplace (38%)


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