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Whether you are thinking of remarrying or have already remarried, you need to think about the effect on your family, and the family you are going to become part of. This can be a traumatic time for both you and your partner and especially any children involved. Commonly there may be resentment and/or hostility towards the step-parent, which could make life very uncomfortable for everyone. For related information about remarriage please visit the laterlife Remarriage Section.

If you have concerns about your relationships with step-children please have a look through the laterlife Relationship Counselling Index. It's a series of articles on various topics written by laterlife's relationship counsellor Maggi Stamp, a qualified and experienced relationship counsellor for Relate and in private practice.

The sites below are aimed at helping all parties involved in accepting each other and becoming a new family.  

The National Stepfamily Association is the primary resource in the UK for members of stepfamilies, and can offer a lot of helpful advice and contacts for anyone experiencing difficulties with the new family. It merged with Parentline and has now become Family Lives.


The Second Wives Club is an online community for step mums and second wives! It was founded in 1997 by Canadian stepmother and second wife, Susan Wilkins-Hubley to recognise the emotional needs of second wives and stepmothers. It tries to provide regular, timely, and supportive content, to over fifty thousand second wives and stepmoms

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