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Technology in the community - 2003


Improving our way of life 

How TECHNOLOGY IN THE C0MMUNITY is coming up with fresh ideas 

How is modern technology helping people? Who’s coming up with ideas that really improve our way of life?  

A new scheme, eWell-Being Awards, sponsored by BT and supported by the Local Government Association, is challenging local councils in the UK, companies and other local organisations, to come up with clever ideas using modern technology. The first awards have just been made to three local councils in the UK. They may be in places where you or people you know are living, or they may inspire you to initiate, develop or report on a scheme for next year, when another set of awards will be made. 

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Older people in rural Braintree

The InfoLink network  is a multi-agency system co-ordinating information on local health and social care services for older people in rural areas of Braintree. Council staff visit clients in their homes and provide information about the services that are available to them via handheld computers and broadband wireless technology. There is also a public web site and seven kiosks, so the local community can gain access the information.

The programme has enabled professionals to respond to enquiries at the point of need. They can now refer to a range of information in their clients’ homes and download forms and leaflets on site. So far, more than 9,500 people have benefited from this service. 

Car pooling in Norfolk, an internet based car pooling company from Attleborough, Norfolk ( uses technology to link passengers and drivers together, reducing congestion on the roads. Launched in September 2000, it now operates six community websites and one call centre, enabling non-internet users to benefit from the network.

The company now has more than 25,000 members, and has already logged one million journeys for 2002. To use the service members simply have to log on the site, input their destination details and then will display a list of fellow travellers who are offering lifts. 

IT training in the community

Lichfield Council’s innovative programme uses technology to engage local groups of disadvantaged residents in the community. It has set up IT training centres where residents can benefit from learning valuable skills in a supportive environment.

There are currently eight local community groups in the programme, with more than 150 residents attending each week aged from 16 up to 93 years old. The groups’ members are now making new and renewed contact with their families and friends overseas, and many are taking up new internet based hobbies such as geneology. 

If you want to nominate any scheme for 2003 for the  eWell-Being Awards visit:

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