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Telemedicine - How medical experts monitor health from home and abroad

If you suffer from a chronic illness, or are anxious about the health of a relative or friend, you will want to know about this brilliant new monitoring scheme….   

A healthcare service that monitors people with chronic conditions and quickly puts them in touch with health experts when they need them, whether at home or abroad, is nothing but good news. Conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, angina, raised blood pressure, asthma are all suitable for the Nestor Healthwatch scheme, a recently launched service in the UK.   


Not only does the scheme promote independence in the home, it cuts down on hospital re-admissions. The Clinical Response Centre, which makes nurses, doctors and cardiologists available 24-hours a day, monitor individuals in the comfort of their own homes through simple-to-use devices and a telephone. 

The monitoring devices

Those who subscribe to Nestor Healthwatch are offered a variety of devices to attach to a normal telephone line (as well as their own panic alarm to use when they want help or advice): 

        The Telepress allows real time monitoring of blood pressure and the effectiveness of medication. If the monitoring suggests there is cause for concern, the Healthwatch team will call the subscriber to offer advice

        The Telepulse Oximeter  measures the amount of oxygen in the blood, and when low levels are registered it will prompt a call from the nursing team

        The Teleweight automatically transmits weight information to the Healthwatch centre. An increase may signal fluid retention and alert the team - invaluable for people with congestive heart failure

        The Telebreather monitors lung function and is designed for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. Deterioration in lung function will again bring on the medical team to prevent an acute attack

Help at hand when travelling

Healthwatch provides a cardiac and respiratory service, allowing individuals to transmit full 12 lead ECG's from anywhere in the world: 

        The Cardiopocket is designed for people suffering from angina or arrhythmia, and will transmit ECG information

        The Cardiobeeper is accurate, simple to use, and offers the opportunity to get advice speedily

These work by holding a small device and any telephone to the chest. The ECG is then transmitted to the Clinical Response Centre where cardiologists and the medical team provide a full health assessment. 

All medical histories are stored on an Electronic Patient Record (EPR), so complete case notes can be made available to an accessible hospital should the need arise, anywhere in the world. 

Healthwatch is working with Social Services in their Sheltered Housing Units, as well as individuals in their own homes. The service is available from 39.99 per month, depending on the equipment and the patient’s medical condition. A cost effective way for the elderly to retain independence, and to give relatives peace of mind. 

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