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Planning Retirement Online

Using your time


One of the potentially most pleasurable occupations as you near or enter retirement is deciding how you are going to use the extra time you've got in the most enjoyable ways. There are probably a list of jobs you need to do like redecorating the house, sorting the garden out, organising all your paperwork - but how about some more fun things like taking up new hobbies, taking some extra holidays or short breaks or using some of your time to help others.

Whether you are looking for information on what you must do or what you want to do, the links above will give you some ideas and access to the information you need.

The laterlife cafe and the associated chat forum are something we would very much like you to participate in. Contribute your own ideas on enjoying laterlife, or just see what others in the cafe are chatting about. This is one of the ways the internet and this site in particular can help you enjoy life - by interacting with others of similar interest, sharing knowledge and generating new ideas

The other thing you might like to do if you have got more time on your hands is to become a laterlife associate. If there is something which you enjoy, that is of interest to others, take a look at our associates page.

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As well as the books shown above you will find a variety of books shown on the site related to the topic in question - you can always click the book cover to see more details about it.

Also see our books section for a summary of useful books on a variety of topics.


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