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What Makes a Good Party?

There are lots of different ways to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or other special occasion and you've probably already seen some of these on the anniversaries or birthdays pages.

Personalised Champagne MagnumPersonalised Champagne and Wines for celebrating laterlife events

The perfect gift for a 50th, 60th or other landmark birthday, or any other special occasion is the range of Personalised Champagne & Wines These provide a really different gift for any later life occasion.


If you are having a party to mark the occasion of a special event, making the invitations fun is a good way of getting your guests in a party mood before they even arrive

You can get some great replies too if you have an appropriate theme - like the ornothological 50th birthday invitation below.

We've included one or two invitations which you are free to adapt for your own party. We would love to hear your invitation ideas and in fact any other ideas for having a great party,  just pop along to the laterlife cafe forum. We will include the best ones here.

We've also included an Anniversary Ode recited at a recent 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary invitation

Wedding Anniversary Ode

Joint 50th Birthday invitation


Some other party ideas             


If you have the room, and the weather is okay, it's a nice idea to have an outdoor party. If you're lucky enough to have a good size garden, then having a Marquee can really set things off, guard against showers, and it doesn't have to be too expensive. Quite often the local Scout Group will have one which they hire out to make a bit of extra money. Our local group has a 20ft by 20ft one, and they come along and put it up and take it down too.

The other thing that can really add to the atmosphere if you have some trees in the garden, are a couple of Halogen spotlights pointing up into the trees. You can get them at around 20 each. Of course you need a reel outdoor extension cable too. There is a great selection of contemporary lighting for gardens to be found these days. This sort of thing interspersed with some insect repellant candles on stakes (available from most good DIY stores these days), creates a really great atmosphere.


BUT if you want some great ideas take a look at the Later Life Party Guide. It's aimed at giving you ideas, checklists and useful links for that special later life party.


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