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Wine Selections

Wine Selections


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Enjoy laterlife Wine Selections with Roy Bunyan

In the laterlife Wine Selections section we visit different topics as part of a regular series.  Our philosophy is that wine is for drinking and enjoying and we will avoid the snobbery that sometimes goes with wine. We will focus on good value wines. Good value doesn't always mean cheap, though we will try to search out the bargains.

Our wine section is written by Roy Bunyan. Roy has been interested in wine for over 30 years and has travelled the world in search of good wine. Roy firmly believes that a glass of wine everyday is good for health and wellbeing. He takes great pleasure in finding good wines at a reasonable price for laterlife visitors.




December 2003 - Sherry                          

Sherry is one of the best value wines one can buy.  Sherry only comes from Jerez de la Frontera in South West Spain's Andalucia region. Predominantly Palomino grapes are grown in chalky soil close to the sea under a blazing sun. Not ideal growing conditions and a miracle that such a fine and delicate wine is produced

November 2003 - Madeira

Madeira is a  small volcanic, island about 400 miles off the west coast of  North West Africa. The fortified madeira wine is legendary for its ability to keep, in some instances to 100 years or more. As it ages its characteristic develops (as does the price!). There are several classic grape varieties and some of these produce  dry wines as well as the better known dessert varieties.  A bottle of Madeira could make a most welcome and unusual gift for someone special  

September 2003 - The other Spain

Spain is probably best known for Rioja and Sherry. Sherry and fortified wines will be the topic for a later article. As for Rioja, despite being very popular and a great wine it has become relatively expensive. I find the cheaper Riojas are very disappointing and increasingly it is the Rioja brand that is selling the wine rather than the quality. But there is much more to Spain than Rioja and this month I'd like to explore some of the other wines that Spain offers- some of them are great bargains and in my opinion are superior to the cheaper Riojas

August 2003 - White Wines of the Loire

Loire wines are great for the summer. They offer good value and some delightful drinking at reasonable prices. As a rough guide wine prices tend to increase from west to east, with the western  area offering the cheapest wines. Let’s take a short tour along the Loire from West to east, starting in the Loire Atlantique region


Please note prices are correct at the time of writing but will inevitably change over time.


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