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Writing Your Autobiography


Now you can receive expert guidance from published author Jackie Sherman who has been running "Writing your Autobiography" courses since 2008 and for the first time is offering a home-based course for Laterlife visitors with personal feedback at the end of every module.


  • Do you regret not knowing more about your parents or grandparents and don't want your descendants to feel the same way?

  • Do you have stories in your head that you really want to share?

  • Have you been asked by family or friends to write your memoirs but keep putting it off?

  • Do you want to be a writer but don't know what to write about, or wonder if you will be good enough?


  • Do you know someone else who is always talking about their life but needs encouragement to put their story down on paper?

There are so many reasons why some of us feel it is time to write an autobiography. However, it can be very hard to get started and even harder to stay motivated.

The answer is to take the Laterlife Write Your Autobiography home-based course. Organised into 10 modules, this course is suitable for beginners or experienced writers as anyone can write their autobiography with the right support and guidance.

The course is written and run by Jackie Sherman, an experienced adult education tutor. She will be your tutor and mentor, providing expert guidance, exercises to keep you writing and valuable and constructive feedback on your work.

The course will offer:

  • Easy ways to get started and overcome those self-imposed barriers that may be holding you back

  • Techniques for recalling your past, based on the variety of ways in which we remember things

  • Ideas for improving your writing and bringing it to life

  • Pointers for carrying out research and filling in gaps

  • Suggestions for organising your material

  • Tips on getting published or reaching a wider audience

So get started today!

  • £95 for the entire course, delivered in 10 separate modules

  • All material delivered by email

  • Take as long as you like, working at your own pace

  • Receive personal feedback at the end of every module

Sign up now

If you would like to sign up for the course or clarify anything before signing up just enter your details in the attached form and Jackie will respond together with details of making payment and how to get started.

Course content

Module 1 - Getting started

Module 2 - The time line

Module 3 - Memory joggers: informal methods

Module 4 - Memory joggers: formal methods

Module 5 - Bringing your writing to life

Module 6 - Show not tell

Module 7 - Filling in the gaps

Module 8 - Organising the material

Module 9 - Editing

Module 10 - Reaching a wider audience

About your tutor

Jackie Sherman has spent the past 15 years writing books and running courses that have ranged from Adult Basic Skills to computing, business English, creative writing, oral communication and job hunting. She has published over 20 non-fiction books and many magazine articles, including a series based on her experience as the part owner of a narrowboat, and will be bringing out a cookery book next year. She is currently running a weekly craft club as well as regular "Writing your Autobiography" courses. She also writes the monthly Laterlife computing column 'You Can Do IT'.

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