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Wild Yam and Soya Cream

Wild Yam and Soya Cream

Yin Yang Wild Yam & Soya Cream combines energy boosting extract of Wild Yam with Soya isoflavones to ease discomforts during hormonal fluctuations. A sensuous uplifting cream fragranced with balancing oil of geranium, Katie May the founder of Yin Yang Skincare developed it for her own use.

For more information and to purchase visit the Wild Yam and Soya Cream page on the Ying Yang web site.

Yin Yang Wild Yam & Soya Cream is formulated with energy boosting Wild Yam extract, and soya protein from organic soya beans, gently fermented to release amino acids and isoflavones, a group of phyto-oestrogens that are thought to be beneficial to women during and after the menopause. These active ingredients are complemented with essential oil of geranium - traditionally used in aromatherapy to smooth the affects of hormonal fluctuations – for its comforting and sensuous fragrance.

Wild Yam and Soya Cream

Phyto-oestrogens & relief of menopausal symptoms

For many years there has been a growing swell of interest into the possible effects of phytooestrogens as an alternative therapy for relief of menopausal symptoms.

In particular scrutiny has focused on the fact that women in Japan appear to experience fewer menopausal symptoms and lower rates of osteoporosis, than women in the West.

Researchers have attributed this to diet, as a typical Japanese diet may contain 20-50 mg per day of isoflavones, whereas the Western diet probably contains less than 1mg per day. Today a number of scientific research programmes are being conducted to better understand how isoflavones work to ease the symptoms of menopause.

The base emulsion for the cream is a healthful blend of wheat germ oil, for vitamin E, carrot seed oil for retinoic acid, a bio-available source of Vitamin A for the skin, and sanitising coconut oil.

For more information visit the
Wild Yam and Soya Cream page
on the Ying Yang web site.

ABOUT Yin Yang:

Yin Yang Skincare was born in 1973 when Katie May formulated a range of plant based products, free of chemical additives, petroleum derivatives and parabens preservatives, that were designed to work with the skin's defensive and regenerative biochemistry. Pure, effective and affordable, these have remained the three principal qualities of our products for 35 years. After 35 years of successfully winning repeat business from our customers we have great confidence in the efficacy of Yin Yang products, but we do not take this for granted. To ensure that our products remain amongst the most effective in the market we seek independent scientific advice from our panel of Scientific Advisors. About the skin's bio-chemistry & physiological structures and its functions, we take advice from leading cell biologist, Professor Desmond Tobin of the Centre for Skin Sciences at Bradford University. Dr Alison Layton advises us about skin health. A leading consultant dermatologist Dr Alison Layton, is possibly the foremost authority in the UK on acne and rosacea. While Yin Yang is concerned to support its product efficacy with science – we also take a holistic approach to skincare and health. Diet and lifestyle are important factors in both – and on the impact of overall health on skin we are advised by renowned doctor, nutritionist and health commentator, Dr Sarah Brewer. Our products are available from pharmacies and health stores across the UK and via our website . If you have specific concerns about the use or suitability of any of our products please feel free email us at

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