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Making later life easier

Easy grip knivesAs we get older our bodies no longer take the strain quite as well as they did. Even if we are still in good working order, we all have older relatives or friends who would benefit from some of the aids to living now available. This part of the site is aimed at providing information to help make life easier and more enjoyable, whether it be easing minor discomfort, failing eyesight, arthritis, back problems, mobility or serious disability.



Our Home Security & Independent Living section will also be of great interest for anyone interested in independent living, with details of the most advanced home reassurance unit available in the UK. If that isn't an option you may also be interested in our Guide to Care Homes



Lady seated on stair lift

If you're finding the stairs a problem these days, a stair lift could be the answer.

Kettle tipperThe Aids to Living section is intended to
  • make you aware, if you aren’t already, of the types of products available – most of these living aids products aren't readily available in the High Street stores, so many of us don’t realise just how we can help relatives or friends who might benefit from them. View some of the mobility, disability and living aids products available in our living aids online section.
  • serve as a directory of businesses on the net who offer living aids across a number of categories such as arthritis, eyesight, back problems, mobility; these range from simple devices to make things easier, through posturepaedic systems to severe disability aids,
  • and identify organisations who offer advice and support for elderly and disabled people and their carers.

In the Health section there are sites which offer advice on general medical conditions and treatments as well as more specific and  more common problems like arthritis and impotence.

There are also sites dedicated to sufferers of terminal illness and their relatives.

One of the problems with the amount of information on the internet is that it becomes increasingly difficult to find the information you need. We hope that these sites will make that job easier.


Yin Yang Joint Cream with MSM
A Soothing Formulation
Apply To Skin Around Joints

"MSM has traditionally been used in treatment of many conditions including arthritis"



Visit our Pre-retirement Courses section here on laterlife or our dedicated Retirement Courses site

Amazon has a range of books on caring for aging parents and relatives. Click on the images of the books here or go to to search for more.

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