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Out-placement services for organisations

If you have a need to make staff redundant you will need to get it right for both the organisation and for the employees affected.

Some of your older employees may consider not pursuing a career any more but retiring early or possibly adopting a portfolio lifestyle.

We are able to offer programmes with leading specialists in both out placement and pre-retirement training. Click for details.

Redundancy situations

If you are making staff redundant you need to consider the following:

  • Do you really have a redundancy situation? It’s carefully defined in law.
  • Inform & Consult employee representatives if the number of proposed job losses is 20 or more at a single establishment within a 90-day period. With union reps if you recognise a union or elected reps if you don’t. It is for the employer to organise such elections and consult BEFORE taking anything further – indeed at least 30 days before the first dismissal is due to take effect and longer of there are 100 or more redundancies. What you need to consult about is also prescribed by law and the penalties for failing to consult can be up to 90 days’ pay for each affected employee.
  • Fair selection – the selection of those to be made redundant needs to be based on clear, objective criteria which need to be fairly applied. The criteria and their application need to be untainted by discrimination relating to gender, race, nationality religious belief, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or age.
  • Individual consultation and fair dismissal process – whether or not there has been collective consultation, each individual needs to be adequately consulted prior to a final decision to dismiss them is made. This is to comply with established ‘rules’ relating to unfair dismissal and with the requirements of the Statutory dismissal and disputes procedure. Failure to consult will result is an unfair dismissal.
  • Alternative employment – you will be under an obligation to consider alternative employment option for those who it is proposed to dismiss.
  • Compensation and other support – you must, of course, pay compensation at the statutory minimum level to those actually dismissed. But are you willing and able to enhance this – and what about contractual dismissal notice? And will you offer them support to help find other work (see below)?

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