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Home Security and Independent Living


Couple - home security and burglar alarm reassuranceWe all have very different concerns about our home safety and security and our personal protection. If we have mobility or disability problems, or live by ourselves, these concerns can be even more accentuated.

Advances in technology have now made it possible to provide reassurance for not only individuals, but also relatives and friends and to improve independent living.



Lifeline Home Security

The Lifeline home reassurance unit has a wide range of options, which can be selected as a standard package:

- Home Safety Package
- Falls Management Package
- Dementia/Stroke package
- Personal Protection Package

or you can choose from the range of sensors to create a tailor made solution. Details in column opposite.


For different sensors you can choose alerts to a mobile phone (perhaps of a relative or friend) or to the 24 hour, 7 day a week response centre. So you can ensure help is always on hand.


It’s all done by radio communication (using the dedicated European social alarm frequency) between the sensors and base unit so there’s no complicated wiring around the house. The base unit then links using the phone line to the response centre or someone’s phone that you specify.

 Home security and elderly care solutions for independent living

The units are also designed and manufactured by a leading UK company in operation since 1957 who have specialised in this area for many years, mainly working with local authorities and care homes, but they have now made the technology suitable for everyone at a very affordable price.

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Advanced wireless home security and burglar alarm solutions

Other Aids to Living

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The freedom - to live where you want, the way you want

The security - to protect both people and property with the very best in technology

The Reassurance - to know help is always at hand should a problem occur


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        Lifeline Home security unit from Tunstall


Packages & Sensors:

Home Safety Package

Every year thousands of accidents occur in the home which could have been prevented.

Falls Management Package

Falls and fear of falling are probably the source of greatest concern for people especially if they live alone.

  • Fall detector
  • Pull Cord
  • Movement detector

Personal Protection Package

The fear of being burgled or having a fire remains high in the priorities of many people

  • Intruder movement detector
  • Bogus Caller button
  • Personal radio trigger
  • Pressure Mat
  • Smoke detector

Dementia/Stroke package

Designed to help those vulnerable people who are in danger of injury by inadvertently leaving cookers or taps on.

  • Flood detector
  • Natural Gas detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Movement detector

Sensors for the different options are non-intrusive wireless devices, using radio communication with the Lifeline 4000+ unit based on the dedicated European social alarm frequency for reliable, future proofed operation.

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