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Retirement Finance Checklist

Whilst approaching retirement there are a number of things you need to consider and decisions that need to be made in regard to finances. more

Types of Financial Advisors

Searching for a financial advisor will throw up a range of categories and titles that may not mean much. But it’s important to understand what type of advice and advisor is available to you. more


In this our Laterlife insurance section, we have focused on selecting a small number of organisations providing insurance services who can offer savings to the over 50s. more

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This Month: What's in your basket? Diversifying your assets helps spread risk by lessening the potential for losses. more

Making the most of finance in later life
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This section aims to demonstrate the different financial options available to people over 50 today, with a particular focus on those retiring.

Below the introduction sets out the different topics this section covers. And it is handy to note that a lot of these pages point to resources on the LaterLife Retirement Planning website - a website created by us to focus solely on finance information.

Above are some of our most popular Finance articles as well as the most recent article from Jelf.

2017 Budget Guide

Read our 2017 Budget Guide.


Finance and Later Life

In order to enjoy the lifestyle we want in later life and especially in retirement we ideally need to plan our finances well in advance. Whatever level of planning we have done, when we reach age 50 it is a very good time to take stock of our financial plans. There are also other very important times to take a look at our finances such as a few years before we might potentially retire and again in the 12 months running up to retirement.

The 2015 budget introduced ‘pension freedom options’ which while giving us welcome enhanced flexibility has also introduced far more complex decisions as a result.

This section provides information around the key review points mentioned above under the following headings:

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Planning Retirement Online


Planning Retirement Finances

Our separate Retirement Planning and Finance site has been specifically developed to provide an educational approach to the financial aspects of retirement planning.

The section on Retirement Planning on the site considers when to retire, how much we need in retirement, sources of retirement income, how pension funds work, how much to save, impacts of inflation, difficulties planning retirement finances, obtaining advice and it also provides an overall review checklist.

Also included is a Planning by age section which provides a checklist to consider every 10 years from age 20 through to age 60.



If and When to Retire

With the removal of the Default Retirement Age we now all have the personal decision of if and when to retire. It’s a huge decision and is as much about planning the lifestyle we want as it is about planning the finances we need to support that lifestyle. Take a look at our guide: Deciding if and when to retire for things to consider.


Taking Stock of our Financial Plans

Age 50 is a good time to take stock of our plans because retirement starts to become a reality in our minds and there is also still time to make some financial changes that will have a significant effect on our finances in retirement.

So take a look at our Age 50 timeline and checklist and you may also find our Retirement Pensions Guide useful.


Approaching Retirement

Once we get within a few years of our potential retirement, it is a crucial time to make sure we have all our plans in place for both our retirement finances and our retirement lifestyle. If you aren’t aware of why it’s so important to plan our retirement lifestyle you might like to look at our Guide Why Plan for Retirement.

On the financial front take a look at our Soon to retire section on our separate finance site. This covers putting a pension into service, a guide to lump sums, a retirement finance checklist and our 2-3 years before retirement timeline. Our Retirement Pensions Guide also provides a useful section on State Benefits.


Finance in Retirement

Start by taking a look at our most popular guide, Guide to Concessions and Discounts which covers both public and private sector and then take a look at our Guide to Making the most of our money.

Obtaining Financial Advice

You may find that at any stage in your planning of retirement finances or when you come to turn your retirement funds into retirement income you may want assistance from a professional financial planner. We cover the different types of financial advisor and also Obtaining Advice on our separate finance site.

Financial Products

If you know exactly what you are looking for then you may want to go directly to our pages on:

Insurance Products

Insurance is particularly interesting in Later Life because some insurance can become cheaper for a number of reasons, whilst other insurance can become more expensive. Take a look at our Insurance section and also our article from Jelf about reviewing your insurances in one go.

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