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Planning Retirement Online

Planning Retirement in later life

Retirement represents a major change in lifestyle and gives you a major new asset, time!

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Everyone approaches retirement from a different point of view, and even when you are looking forward to it, you can feel a sense of loss, no longer mixing with work colleagues.

Whatever your feelings, retirement is probably the major opportunity of your life for a new and potentially very enjoyable phase of life in which you and not others manage your time.

If you haven't yet visited it visit the introduction to our retirement section for an overview of all the information and guides available.




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Retirement Checklist:

Planning for retirement
It is essential to plan ahead for this significant change. There are lots of links to detailed information opposite, but below is a checklist of things to consider:

Finances are important but not everything
Don't forget to assess all areas, such as how you want to spend your time, not just the financial implications of retirement

Your Partner
Consider the implications of you being retired on your partner.
Include in your plans things that will take you out of the house.

    Travel Insurance for over 50s

Social & Contact Activities in retirement

Plan for activities both with your partner and without. If you have no partner consider how you will involve yourself in social and contact activities in retirement.

Work & Paying Hobby options in retirement
Perhaps you don't want to stop working altogether when you retire - is this the time to work part time, even start your own business or make a paying sideline out of a hobby.

Fitness & Health in retirement
Plan into your time how you will maintain your fitness.

Mental Health
Build into your retirement plans mental and creative activities e.g. learn a new language. For some types of mental activities we are at our peak around this time. there are now lots of opportunities for continued lifelong learning into retirement

Voluntary Work
You have got skills and time why not use them for the benefit of others.

If you've got children or grandchildren Consider how you can spend some of your retirement time to help their development, (without being too intrusive).

Get things in order
Retirement is an opportunity to get everything in order ranging from those jobs in the house and garden to Wills and planning inheritance.

Financial Planning
You need to consider your retirement budget and associated investment plans. Consider not only your pension position but your partners too. Identify where to go for retirement  investment advice. What will it cost to continue benefits offered by your employer into retirement. What will be the effect of not having to pay National Insurance contributions.

Enjoying life
Once you have your retirement plans in place, don't forget this is the time for really enjoying laterlife.

Consider a laterlife Planning Retirement seminar to help make the most of your retirement

Also make sure you take a look at Lifting the lid off retirement, a series written by Jeanne Davis as part of the laterlife interest features section. Jeanne is the author of “How to Plan Your Successful Retirement” and for many years, she was a director of AARP (The American Association of Retired Persons)

We have collected below useful sources of information to help think about and plan retirement, plus details of companies offering retirement planning and financial planning services.

If you are interested in some assistance take a look at our section on Pre-retirement training and the laterlife Planning Retirement workshops we have introduced for both individuals and organisations.

Also make sure you take a look at Lifting the lid off retirement, a series written by Jeanne Davis as part of the laterlife interest features section. Jeanne is the author of “How to Plan Your Successful Retirement” and for many years, she was a director of AARP (The American Association of Retired Persons)

Financial Advice

If you want financial advice and in particular retirement planning advice, visit our financial advice pages, which highlight topics to consider and provide details of how to find a financial advisor. The first of these pages also gives you some help with the things that you need to consider when you are doing some financial planning for retirement:

Retirement Planning
Inheritance Tax
Making a Will
Equity Release
Long Term Care

Annuity Supermarket

Finding a Financial Advisor

Financial Retirement Information

Investing in Property at Home and Abroad including a Guide to buying property abroad.

You and your money The Business and Money section of the BBC site includes useful pensions information - pension basics, alternatives and issues including early retirement and the taxmans rules.

Visit our Insurance Section covering Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Life Insurance geared to the over 50s. You can obtain competitive quotes online from UK Insurance companies. 

Prudential (UK) - Investments, Savings, Pensions, Insurance, Mortgages. Retirement planning from one of the UK's leading financial services companies. This tells you about the products and services Prudential offer to make your retirement secure and trouble free.

findsmall.gif (1698 bytes) FIND - The UK's leading internet directory for financial services. From here you can find the sites of  the UK's financial services companies and locate them by the topic you want to know about - pensions, life assurance, investment, and insurance to name but a few.

Also be sure to take a look at Ample, Motley Fool, Hemscott Net for investment. Most have retirement related sections too. Fund supermarkets are also a useful feature take a look at Fidelity's supermarket.

Riskmetrics - Creating and managing an investment portfolio in retirement is now a great deal easier, with many new internet services available. A development from riskmetrics enables you to assess the risk level in your portfolio for free. This has to be extremely worthwhile for anyone, but especially in retirement to help achieve the risk levels you really want.

ProShare Advice on setting up investment clubs as well as responsible advice on share based investing.

TPAS The Pensions Advice Service can offer advice for those approaching pensionable age or already receiving a pension. If you are having problems you can find out how TPAS can help you, and get in contact with them.


Click on the book you want from the selection below to go straight to Amazon, or follow the link to the Amazon Business and Finance Index.

Creating Retirement Income

Finance Your Retirement: A Complete Guide to Spending, Saving and Making the Most of Your Pension  

Amazon - Business and Finance Index




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