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Poetry at Laterlife

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Ronnie Goodyer, editor of Poetry at Laterlife, has had hundreds of poems, sketches and articles published, including several as Featured Poet, plus appearances in galleries and exhibitions.

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Your  Sonnets


Lizard Dreams by Eileen Carney Hulme

We hold the words like summer ghosts of rain
Translated through our burning finger tips
And all the leaves that down the valley came
Breathed hieroglyphs upon our waiting lips,
The merging blues of sea and sky in turn
Reminding us of nature’s loving gifts
And sacred stones in silence bore the sun
As Lizard time creates tomorrow’s myths,
Come sweet poet and live the life you dream
And let your heart reach out in indigo
Among the ancient rocks a shaman stream
Brings healing energy to our worn souls,
And in the warm shade of a Lizard day
Our hearts as one “come away, come away.”

Grief by Joy Saunders

We cannot live our lives without grief’s pain…
bereavement is a hurdle we all cross
but life goes on and we will laugh again
yet never will forget a loved one lost.
Thoughts overflow in torrents of despair
as memories and regrets agonise.
Heartache and guilt are a tormented pair
displaying sorrow’s shadow in the eyes.

Time is the healer - anguish will subside
as happy memories replace distress.
The comfort and the cheer good friends provide
confirm their loyalty and thoughtfulness…
so precious are true friends who lend their ears
and give their time to wipe away sad tears.

ROME by Patrick B. Osada

Japan is empty now! In every shot
Themselves — with Rome a backdrop to their time
On tour. Each monument becomes a dot,
An adjunct to their transient joy, no rhyme
Or thought for beauty’s past or ancient place
While they have cameras, smiles and Gucci bags.

And would The Steps still be to John Keats’ taste?…
This scrum of souls with all their national flags,
Costly, must have brands, posing — looking hot,
Trying to be cool — waiting for a sign
Of fabled fifteen minutes fame that’s not
Unlike name writ in water — not sublime
Like Keats’s modest phrase — but more germane
To media fed obsessions that obtain…

This is from Patrick’s fine collection Rough Music (ISBN 1-904781-48-9)

Global Change by Roy Titch

Oh River bold, in calm and cautious flow
round rocks to swirl and merge in peace with pool,
a trout in wait beneath the summer glow
so still it lies in gentle waters cool
whilst surface clear maintains a mirror calm
and Nature rests yet still maintains an urge
to warm, inspire, and using masking balm,
hide dents and scars left bare from Winter's purge.
Prepare for sudden change: a raging force,
a torrent bearing mountain’s earthen blood,
to wound, to kill, to burst from ancient course
in stressful search of lower land to flood,
released by global change, its bonds ripped free
on route in angered quest for waiting sea.

Remembering by Josie Falla

When I was young there was a sound that made
My mother freeze; a rising howl of fear,
Insistent, loud, a wailing note that played
On stretched and shattered nerves – “Get out of here!”
She pulls me, sleepy, from my bed, tumbling,
Frantic, helter-skelter down the stair,
Outside, rush to shelter, hear the rumbling
Drone of bombers, huddle in cold night air,
I cover my face to keep out the smell
Of bricks; then, slowly, back to rumpled beds,
Past ghostly roses Mother loves so well
Safely gleaming in the darkness; their heads
Nodding perfume. In my garden birds sing,
Roses bloom, and I am remembering.

All fine examples of the form. Thank you all.



Here at poetry at laterlife we will be continuing our series of verse forms. There is no hard and fast order with this agenda so if there is anything you are particularly interested in, just drop me a line. Also forthcoming will be themed competitions with various awards and, subject to demand, our own anthologies. Although it is well in advance, one scheme is to publish an anthology prior to Christmas to give personal gift opportunities. Details of this will be forthcoming shortly.




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