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Poetry at Laterlife

Ronnie Goodyer, editor of Poetry at Laterlife, has had hundreds of poems, sketches and articles published, including several as Featured Poet, plus appearances in galleries and exhibitions.

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The Tetractys

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Your Sonnets

Your Couplets




My name is Ronnie Goodyer and through these pages I aim to create an interactive part of the laterlife site where the joy and challenge of poetry can be shared.


Far from the days when it was considered ‘homework’, poetry has become one of the most popular pastimes for those with maybe a little more time on their hands, and certainly with more life experience!


Poetry is often written within the family, celebrating an event or reminiscing times, perhaps gentler in some ways, which are important to the author and those close. What happens, though, if you wish to present your work to a wider audience? After all, a lot of us have been through the same times, the good and the not-so-good; it is almost certain that what is of interest to one will be both interesting and stimulating to others. Like those conversations we have where one person remembers an event – or a product long gone – and before you know it, memories are being jolted and everyone fills in the picture.


There is opportunity for all with the one defining prerequisite – quality. The real difficulty is quantity! That’s where we come in – a specialist poetry outlet for laterlife. There will be competitions, opportunities for publication, instruction pages for the various verse forms, pitfalls to avoid (not all ‘brooks’ are ‘babbling’!) and some selected poems published here on our very own website.


You will have an input to themes and ideas – something to get really involved in. So, who am I? If you click on the link here there is a short biography written about me for a recent publication. It says most things you may wish to know at this stage:



Your Couplets

Thank you your wonderful replies to the request for Couplets at Laterlife. I obviously couldn’t publish all, but have chosen a selection which I hope you will all enjoy. My appreciation to all of you who sent submissions.

This Month's Topic: Tetractys

Here’s something that may be new to you, a relatively new form – The TETRACTYS.

Laterlife Poets News


Eileen Carney Hulme, who first posted the sonnet Lizard Dreams on our site, has subsequently had the poem published and it won 1st Prize in a Readers’ Choice Vote! Congratulations to Eileen and an early success for Laterlife Poets! Also, regular contributor Josie Falla has had two of her poems published on Reach poetry monthly. Here’s to your continued success, Josie. Please email me with any poetry news you may have. It will be a pleasure to feature.




Here at poetry at laterlife we will be continuing our series of verse forms. There is no hard and fast order with this agenda so if there is anything you are particularly interested in, just drop me a line. Also forthcoming will be themed competitions with various awards and, subject to demand, our own anthologies.




Please send submissions, comments, queries to me at:


ensuring that you use pal as part of the email heading.


If you would like to receive details of Reach poetry magazine, The Dawntreader literary magazine or current Indigo Dreams Press poetry competitions please email with specific interest to:



Take a look at the wonderful review of The Dawntreader by clicking here:

Good luck with your creativity and I look forward to welcoming you as a laterlife poet.



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