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Guide to Over-50s Internet Dating


The number of over 50s on line is growing rapidly and many of them are seeking new partners through the internet. Now 19% of retirees are a member of an online dating service, rising to 27% of those aged between 70 and 74 (The Colour Report). The stigma that used to exist has rapidly disappeared as internet dating receives more media attention, and as social networking continues to grow.

In answer to the question “How did you two meet?” many more couples of all ages are happy to say “On the internet”

(Daily Mail Article - Silver Surfers Give Online Dating a Boost...)

Guide to Internet Dating

There are internet dating sites to meet almost all tastes and inclinations. Whether you seek a life-long partner, new friends, a bit of fun, whether you have a commitment to the outdoors, a sexual preference, like only beautiful people, or want musical compatibility, there is a site to suit your preference. Therefore choosing the right internet dating site to meet our particular criteria is essential or we may be either disillusioned, disappointed, or waste our money.

This Guide is divided into five sections. To begin with we look at Introduction Agencies and explain how they differ from Internet Dating Agencies. We then focus on internet dating, why it is by far the fastest growing way that we are choosing to date. We explain How Sites are Managed by umbrella companies and why this might have an impact on choice. The next section on Choosing a Site provides a list of factors to take into account and lists sites that are geared to the over 50 market. We then name a number of sites that meet different criteria depending on what you are seeking.  The section on Managing Your Online Dating includes ideas on photos and writing profiles as well as deciding whom to meet. As well as the practical information about internet dating we have provided as a Conclusion a broad overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages of online dating.

Part 1 - Introduction Agencies

Before online dating sites, introduction agencies provided a way of meeting potential partners. If trawling through profiles is not your scene and you would rather pay for a more personal service tailored to your tastes, personality and lifestyle then the more traditional introduction agency may meet your needs. They do cost more, though and many, though not all, are geared to a highly exclusive (and often rich) market.

Before paying out a lot of money for a service with no guarantee of results read the ABIA guide to dating.The website also lists a number of introduction agencies by location or by type, for example selection by personal introduction, by computer comparison, by headhunting prospective partners or by event hosting.

This Guide is written by Retirement Specialist Beth Campbell supported by members of the LaterLife team. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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