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Planning Retirement Online

Guide to Over-50s Internet Dating

Part 4 - Managing Your Online Dating

Some tips for getting the best out of online dating:

  • Be proactive. Log in regularly. Update your profile regularly.

  • Be polite. Reply to all e-mails and messages promptly. Even if you don’t wish to get to know someone respect the fact that they contacted you.

  • Always include a good close up photo. Ideally have a number of photos of you doing the things you enjoy. These are much more helpful than that one of you on a special occasion. Photos must be recent.

  • Guide to Internet Dating

  • Take time over your profile. Think about who you are as well as what you like to do. Be honest, but this is your chance to promote yourself. Take time to think about what you are looking for in the other person too.

  • Review potential partners carefully. It is easy to look at a photo and say no, react to something written, decide the other person is the wrong height etc. If it’s a definite no, fine. If you are not sure, take time to chat through the email or messaging service on the site before deciding whether to continue to a meeting. However if you know you will never meet up, don’t continue the communication.

  • Do not give out personal information such as an e-mail address too quickly. Use the site’s messaging service to communicate to begin with. Always read the guidance on protecting yourself on the site particularly on meeting up safely. If you do decide to meet give a mobile rather than landline number as an emergency contact number. Tell someone where you are going and always make it a public place to begin with. If you decide on a sexual relationship be fully aware of the risks. Never respond to requests for money. There are honest people and dishonest people out there. The internet is an opportunity and a risk.

  • Don’t expect too much too quickly. You might need to chat to lots of people, meet up with some. Don’t expect the perfect partner to turn up as the first response, although there are plenty of examples where this has happened!

  • Have a separate e-mail address, for safety and for management. As soon as your profile is on line the dating agency will bombard you with e mails, not all from potential partners, so it is important to manage these.
This Guide is written by Retirement Specialist Beth Campbell supported by members of the LaterLife team.  


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