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Guide to an Affordable Later Lifestyle - Introduction

One of the two most commonly expressed concerns about our later lifestyle is that of money.

We are concerned that we will not be able to afford to maintain our standard of living and to do all those things that we would really like to do now that we have finished full-time work and retired.

Guide to an Affordable

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This is partly, at least, why some people become a little socially isolated in their later life and don't enjoy themselves as much as they should: they think that they can't afford to.

Whilst it can't be denied that money always helps, it is not true that we necessarily need lots of money to do the things in later life that will help us to enjoy it.

Those things are:

  1. To keep fit physically

  2. To keep fit mentally

  3. To have social contact with a network of family and friends

  4. To have things to do that will provide enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfilment

Product DetailsThe achievement of those four things will enable us to enjoy our later lifestyle. The question is, 'How do we do it if our financial situation is limited?' Maybe we can't do everything that we would like to, if we had unlimited funds, but that shouldn't preventus from doing some of them and being able to achieve the four criteria for enjoying our later lifestyle. We will need to put a bit of thought into it, to ensure that we are making the best choices for us as individuals, but, potentially, there is a happy later lifestyle awaiting us, even if we don't have lots of money.

So read the rest of the Guide and get some ideas about how to form the basis for a happy and healthy later lifestyle without having to spend too much money on it. If you have any ideas of your own that we can add to this Guide, please complete the feedback form.

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This Guide to an Affordable Later Lifestyle is written by Retirement Specialist Dave Sinclair supported by members of the LaterLife team. As well as writing on retirement matters Dave is Training Director at LaterLife and responsible for the content and continuous improvement of LaterLife's Retirement Courses.


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