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Card Making

There are more and more occasions these days for which we are exhorted to buy cards. It used to be Christmas and birthdays, and then we had Easter cards and Mothers' Day cards. Now there are cards for Fathers' Day, Grandparents' Day (it’s in September, for those of you who didn’t know) and every other sort of day you can think of. Buying cards can cost a fortune!

So why not make them instead? It can be fun, the cards are more personal and so mean more and it will save you money! You can put patterns or pictures onto card, you can embroider the card, you can make your own or buy kits. The options are almost endless – and you are limited only by your imagination.


Craft topics and links

You can buy special ink pads, stamps, paper and card and all sorts of things to add as embellishments. You can be as simple or as complex as you wish. As you get more confident and your expertise improves, you can make cards that are more and more ambitious but that will cost a fraction of the price of shop-bought cards.

You can get a taste of what it’s all about at  This is a commercial website but it does detail how to do certain projects and it will give you an idea of what’s involved.

This Guide to Arts and Crafts is written by Retirement Specialist Dave Sinclair supported by members of the LaterLife team. As well as writing on retirement matters Dave is Training Director at LaterLife and responsible for the content and continuous improvement of LaterLife's Retirement Courses.
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