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Retirement Benefits

There are very few benefits that are specifically related to retirement; most of them are linked to age, which may or may not be linked to retirement. more

An Affordable Later Lifestyle

One of the two most commonly expressed concerns about our later lifestyle is that of money. more

Staying Fit & Healthy

There are numerous books, websites, magazines and almost daily newspaper articles giving us advice on how to stay fit and healthy... more

Concessions & Discounts

This Guides objective is to make you aware of what is out there so that you can do your own research about the things that might interest you.

Holidays for Single Travellers

So, travelling alone is not as easy as holidaying with someone else. It can take courage... more

Making the most of LaterLife Guides
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The introduction to this Guide section can be found below, along with a list of the Full set of LaterLife Guide Topics; making it easier to find the type of Guide that you are interested in. Due to the way that Guides have been grouped together it can be quick to find topics however if you would prefer to browse all of them just scroll down.

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Introducing LaterLife Guides...

LaterLife Guides are a valuable resource for helping make the most of retirement and later life in general.

Each one focuses on a different area providing useful information, ideas and links to related resources all with an over 50s slant.

They provide a much more thorough and considered view of a topic than you will find on most web sites.

They are updated on a regular basis and are being added to all the time. Our aim is to ensure that all the key areas for making the most of later life are covered.

If you think there is a topic we should be covering or have any comments on the current guides we would love to hear from you.


'As you know, the website is divided into sections so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. The different sections have, amongst all the useful information about the topic, a Guide or Guides that we feel are a helpful resource for you. We've grouped the Guides according to those sections below so that you can easily see what's available and click on the Guides that you feel are especially relevant to you.'

Dave Sinclair


Full set of Guides Topics

Money and finances
Health and Fitness
Retirement Planning
Moving Home

Dave Sinclair has researched and written a number of the guides


Planning Retirement Online


Money and finances

There are lots of ways to have a good time in later life and retirement even if our income is lower than when we were working. This series of Guides look at the different aspects of achieving that.

Concessions & discounts

Maximising our money

Retirement Pensions

Retirement Benefits

An affordable Later Lifestyle


Health and Fitness

These two guides look at different sides of the coin. Firstly how to stay fit and healthy in later life (both physically and mentally). This is one of the pillars of making the most of retirement - covering the four strands to keeping healthy and fit. Secondly if we do have to cope with ill health, how we can still enjoy life and feel happy most days even if we have to live with recurring symptoms.

Staying fit and healthy

Ill health in later life

Tops tips for buying Private Medical Insurance



Surveys we have conducted show that most of us want to continue to do some work in retirement. This may be income-generating work, or it may be voluntary work. For some it may even be starting their own business, not necessarily to make a fortune but for enjoyment and to top-up pension income.

Job Search

Part time jobs

Voluntary Work

Retirement Planning

Our specialist subject here at later life! We hope you've been on one of our retirement planning workshops and are able to make the most of all these Guides as a follow on to the event. However in this section of Guides we give you a bit of an introduction to the topic and about your later lifestyle.

Planning Retirement

When to retire

Your Guide to Pension Freedom

Early Retirement

On the financial side you can visit our retirement planning education site.

Take a look at our Online Planning Retirement course too at

Moving Home

Many of us move home in later life, perhaps to downsize, perhaps to a location we've always dreamt of. Doing so can be great but make sure you do so with your eyes open especially when moving abroad. Our Guides cover that and also other options we might want to consider in later life. Arguably the last Guide in the section above also fits in this category, perhaps not for us but for older relations.

Moving abroad

Retirement Villages


Our social network of family and friends is possibly more important to us in later life than it has ever been. One of the key things in retirement we need to achieve to make the most of it is to maintain or grow our social network. We may also be in the position where we have older parents or relations to look after as well as adult children who still need some help along the way. This series of guides looks at some of those relationships.

Retirement and Relationships

Internet Dating

Forming Friendships


Caring for Elderly Parents and Relatives

Residential Care Homes

You may also find Maggi Stamp's Relationship article series a useful resource for some of the situations we may face in later life.



A major topic for many people in retirement but one that can be a challenge if you are travelling alone, either because you are single or your partner isn't into travel. Here we provide a Guide to help in the latter case, but make sure you look at the whole range of things in the travel section.

Holidays for Single Travellers


How we spend all those extra hours of leisure time in retirement in a way that is both enjoyable and fulfilling is a major challenge, especially in the early days of retirement. We of course recommend you attend one of our Planning Retirement courses or seminars (opens in new window)  to help you decide how you are going to do that over the next 20-25 years!  Here however we provide Guides on a number of topics that may just contribute to helping you do that.

Getting Out and About

What to do in retirement

Hobbies and Interests

Adult education

Arts and Crafts

Crafts - Beginners Guides


Mastering the internet


Later life can be full of landmark occasions from special birthdays and anniversaries to retirement itself. Whether it's for you, someone close to you or friends, our Guides aim to give you a few ideas to make the most of it.

Organising a party

Choosing presents


And finally the odd one out. We were tempted to put this one under leisure because in later life we often have more time to complain when we should, whereas in our working lives we often let things go because of other pressures. We don't advocate complaining without good cause but if you do it's important to do it effectively.



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