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Hobbies and Interests- Introduction

As we move into later life, reduce our working hours and finally retire, we tend to have more time on our hands. One way of filling that time is to take up hobbies and interests that we enjoy and that we get a sense of satisfaction from.

Our guide to hobbies and interests covers a wide range of activities that you might consider taking up in later life and they are grouped under various headings to make it easier to think about even more options under each heading.

The first page consists of a general introduction to hobbies and interests. It looks at the various things that we need to do in later life and shows how hobbies can help with these things. It explains that some of the activities that we talk about might seem to stray into other areas, such as voluntary work, and it also says that our lists under each grouping are far from comprehensive. What the Guide tries to do is to give you a start, with some ideas, so that you can do further thinking yourself to explore the whole world of hobbies and interests.

The subsequent pages of the Guide take you through the following groups.

On each page, there is a description of some of some of the options in that group of hobbies and interests and links to websites where you can find more about them and how to take them up. So have a look at the Guide and start to make the most of the wide world of hobbies and interests.

This Guide is written by Retirement Specialist Dave Sinclair supported by members of the LaterLife team.




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