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Scrap Booking

Preserving our memories is ever more popular. For many, photography is the answer now that digital cameras have arrived and you can do all sorts of clever things with them once you have downloaded the photos to your pc. However, more and more people are turning to scrap booking as a way of keeping those precious memories. It’s creative, a lot of fun and the end results are really satisfying. The photography can just be the start – the end results can be so much more.

You don’t need any special expertise to get started; it's as simple as cutting and glueing. Having said that, once you've mastered the basics there are all sorts of special tools and items you can purchase to make your pages more eye-catching or exciting. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! If you’re a naturally imaginative person, producing a really attractive scrapbook will appeal to your imagination. If not, there are all sorts of things to help you out, such as colour co-ordinated papers and embellishments - a real bonus for the new 'scrapper'.

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The basic supplies are paper (use only acid-free, photo-safe papers), adhesives, pens and albums. You will also need basic tools such as scissors and rulers to which you can add, if you wish, punches, stencils, cutters and so on.

But don’t think it’s just about sticking photos in albums. You can add a story or a poem to pages so that you can re-create the occasion to which the photos refer. So your creative side can be satisfied by the photography itself, by arranging your pages imaginatively and through the written word.

There’s a beginners’ guide at which will give you the basics. From then on, it’s up to you and your imagination.

This Guide to Arts and Crafts is written by Retirement Specialist Dave Sinclair supported by members of the LaterLife team. As well as writing on retirement matters Dave is Training Director at LaterLife and responsible for the content and continuous improvement of LaterLife's Retirement Courses.
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