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Enjoying Later Life - Introduction


One of the basic principles behind is to help people enjoy their retirement and later life. To this end, there is an enormous amount of material on the website that will help you to do just this. This Site Focus doesn't cover every aspect (it would take far too long), but just directs you to some key pages from which there are links to lots more information that you can read at your leisure.

Go to the page Enjoying Laterlife and you will see many of the topics that are covered under the generic heading of enjoying later life. the first point is that we all have our own ways of enjoying ourselves and it's nice to be able to share them with others. So email us and we'll give other people your ideas about enjoying later life.

The first section that the page directs you to is about Hobbies and Interests. The link will take you to our Guide to Hobbies and Interests, which covers a wealth of ideas and thoughts about interesting things to do in retirement and later life.

The next link is to Extra Holidays and Breaks. There are lots of ideas on the first page you come to for interesting breaks and holidays of all kinds. There are then further links to the rest of laterlife's extensive travel section.

The next section is about Sports and Outdoor activities in later life. Have a look at the page you land on and you will see information about various sports and about watching sport, too.

If you're interested in the theatre, dining out or any other activity of a social or cultural nature, click on the link to the Things to Do section. here, you'll find information and links to all sorts of organisations through which you can get information on activities and places and even book tickets for them.

If you think that voluntary work would give you some pleasure and enjoyment in later life, click on the link to our Doing things for Others section. Here you will find information on many aspects of voluntary work and organisations that will help you find it. there is also a link to the laterlife Guide to Voluntary Work, which is another very useful way to help you find out more about voluntary work.

Many people feel that they want to use some of their time in later life learning new things. If that's you, then go to the section on Learning where you will find information on some of the places to which you can go to get some continuing education, be it academic or non-academic.

When we lose the social contact that we get through work, we need to replace it with other social activities. click on the link to Making New Friends, where there are ideas on how you can make new friends in later life. There is also a link to the Guide to Forming Friendships, which will provide more help.

If you like animals, go to the Pets section, where there is information on pet care and also links to sites that will help you find a pet.

Finally, if you want to find out more about using the Internet in later life, with all the undoubted benefits it can bring, click on the link to Enjoying Life through the Web. There are links to other pages and organisations which will help you, including the laterlife guide to Making the Most of the Internet.

Later life is about enjoying ourselves and making the most of our time. Have a browse through the Enjoying Later Life section of the web site and get some more ideas on how to achieve those aims.

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