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Cruise Holidays

Types of cruise

There are many different types of cruise available, all offering a completely unique experience. Read on to find out which type of cruise is right for you.

River Cruises:

Budapest and river - Parliament

Drifting along a river or canal, among peaceful countryside and villages, a river cruise can offer you complete relaxation and escape.

Though you may be perfectly content to watch the world go by with the water lapping nearby, frequent stop-offs mean plenty of opportunity to explore the sights and wander down the streets of the local village. If you wish to stop off for lunch in a local eatery, what better place for an afternoon snooze, than in your own cabin, back on board the boat?

The gentle pace of a river cruise is ideal for those who want to relax and take in the sights at their own pace. If you don’t feel up for an afternoon excursion, simply stay on board and admire the many breathtaking views from the comfort of the port.

If you’re a first time cruiser, a river or canal cruise may be perfect for you, as passage lengths tend to be shorter, with more opportunities to explore in-land if you’re still finding your sea legs.

Here, Sara Macefield relives her Provence river cruise
experience, complete with walking tours and wine-tasting.

Sail into luxury

A cruise on board a stately liner is the perfect way to ensure your holiday is relaxing, unique and luxurious.

A luxury cruise is the ideal way to see the world, with the most breathtaking sights along the way. The cruise itself offers more than you’d expect from a deluxe holiday, with the ultimate in entertainment and fine dining on-board. Delightful afternoon teas and champagne receptions offer plenty of opportunity to put your fine dress on and meet your fellow passengers.

The full programmes of entertainment are a splendid way to pass your evening and mingle with the other guests on board. Alternatively, if you prefer peace and quiet, delightful strolls along the deck accompanied by a glorious setting sun and tranquil waters provide you with wonderful, ever-lasting memories.

You can also expect the ultimate in luxury and comfort in your cabin, providing the perfect private retreat, perhaps with a book from the on-board library. Expect to wake to a wonderful breakfast to start your day.

Longer-length luxury cruises offer many port stop-offs along the way, usually with a wide variety of organised excursions, or you may choose to explore the locality yourself. Wherever you choose to cruise, be it the pure white sands of the Caribbean, the exotic destinations of Asia or any of the wonderful world-wide routes available, you can be sure a luxury cruise will provide you with a holiday you will want to repeat.

Solo Cruising

If you’re going on holiday on your own, a cruise could be just right for you. Whether you want to spend your time alone, or mingle with the other guests on-board, you’re sure to have a holiday filled with wonderful memories.

Cruise passenger

There are many opportunities on a cruise to meet new people. Many cruise lines have fixed dining options, meaning you can share a dinner table with other guests, if you prefer. Regular excursions also mean you can meet other people from your cruise. You’ll find that there are many other solo cruisers looking to make new acquaintances.

As well as choosing a private cabin, you can also choose to share a cabin with a fellow cruiser, meaning you’ll have someone to accompany you at meal-times, and to enjoy the evening entertainment with. Organised singles mornings are also an excellent way to meet other guests looking for companionship on their cruise.

If you prefer to spend your time alone, there will usually be the option to dine alone, depending on the cruise line and you may find you get more out of your holiday by touring on a stop-off by yourself. It is much safer to stay with your group on in-land excursions however. On-board the cruise ship, you may appreciate the privacy of your cabin in the evenings, relaxing with a good book from the ship’s library, or enjoying a calm stroll at dusk along the deck.

Most cruise lines do charge quite a large single supplement, but as operators recognise that a cruise is an ideal single holiday, these are beginning to be heavily reduced. We review the cruise lines that offer the best deals for singles cruises

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