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Group Travel - The Hidden Gem

Are you are group travel organiser?

The world of travel has a hidden gem that you can’t afford to miss out on! Find out how to get involved here …

It’s true, there is a hidden travel gem that lots of people are already involved in but don’t even realise it. That hidden gem is group travel. You might find that you’re already a group travel organiser without even knowing it, or it might be an area that you could really benefit from if you haven’t done so already.

Group travel organisers are people who organise travel for groups, from social clubs to retired associations or even a whole village. Trips can range from theatre outings to long-haul holidays to faraway places such as Australia! Whether it’s a large group or a small one, a local trip or a long-haul one, this is what group travel is all about.


Group organisers love what they do because not only do they get the opportunity to visit wonderful places, but also because they get to watch their friends, colleagues and associates have a fabulous time. This is a particularly great experience for retired and single people, or those with partners who don’t wish to travel, as it gives them the opportunity to see parts of the UK and the world with the comfort and security that comes with travelling with a group of people they know and trust. It also offers group organisers the chance of a free place on many trips as well as other incentives. And ultimately, it offers the chance to step into a ready-made social scene with lots of networking events as well as, of course, the chance to socialise with your group members on a regular basis.

And there is a wealth of information and benefits out there for group organisers including a whole range of media publications and events that are aimed specifically at the group travel market. Group Leisure magazine is the group travel monthly publication that is specifically dedicated to group travel organisers. Each issue contains a wealth of travel hints, ideas, facts, feature articles, reviews and event listings, all tailored to the group travel market. This all combines with special offers, news and promotions from leading industry names that value group travel organisers and offer amazing deals to reflect this.

Group Leisure online is another source of information for those group travel organisers out there who like to surf the web, offering a wealth of online exclusives, a great online directory packed full of contacts to help you with your group organising and special tools tailored to your particular group’s needs. Log onto to find out more.

The Group Leisure Reader Club is also particularly useful. Each month, the magazine and website invites readers to apply for a place on a highly subsidised, or even free, familiarisation trip to a particular destination, venue or attraction in the UK or abroad to get a real feel for its group suitability. Past trips have included visits to stately homes to amazing long-haul trips! Future highlights include a trip to Australia and a cruise visiting destinations such as Singapore and Malaysia.

So if you haven’t done so already, look around and you might discover there’s a party of people waiting to benefit from the world of group travel.

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