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A brand new experience at 51 was just what the doctor ordered for Kath Lord-Green as she set sail on her first trip on board a 50ft Sailing Yacht at Atlas Sailing based at Fleetwood Marina.

I decided when I hit the big 50 to do as many new things as I could each year from then on. When I stumbled across Atlas Sailing, I had NEVER ever thought to have a day trip in a Yacht but the more I read the more it started to appeal to me.

Never having sailed before I was a bit nervous as I arrived at the dockside where lots of different boats where moored at Fleetwood Marina.

My initial nerves disappeared as Andy the fully qualified owner and his wife Julie welcomed me aboard. I was also pleasantly surprised when having met the other “sailors” we were given bacon rolls and a “brew” before our “getting to know you” and the required health and safety briefing.

The vessel was way more spacious than I imagined with bunks and toilet facilities and getting tucked into my breakfast and chatting to the others I forgot I was on board a yacht .

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Atlas Sailing
Yacht charter on a 50' sailing yacht at Fleetwood marina. Sailing trips from 1/2 days up to full weeks which can visit places like Anglesey, North Wales, Isle of Man, Ireland and many more. No experience is necessary to sail with us and you will be in the capable hands of a RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmaster. Packages for both private and corporate charter

Piel Island

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After donning our life jackets we set off on our day trip we and were able to enjoy the great views and the sheer pleasure and relaxation of sailing. Although you don’t need to you can get some hands on experience of crewing a sailing vessel.

I steered for a while and it was amazing. The sun was out and passing seals playing in the water, it was hard to imagine I was off the coast of Lancashire.

We were heading for Piel Island (an island near Barrow that you can only access when the tide is out by walking over, by a ferry or by boat! The history and story of the island is very interesting and I couldn’t believe the amount of people in the pub when I viewed through the binoculars.

When we arrived at Piel we had a very welcome cake and coffee before heading from the mooring to the island on the dingy! (yes I was nervous but it too was fab)

The island was busy and the pub welcoming, where food and drink where being served by the King and Queen of Piel Island. (The landlord of the Ship Inn and his wife are given the titles King and Queen).

We walked around the island, looked at the ruins of the castle as well as having a little drink.

Back at the Yacht a freshly prepared Thai curry, followed by cheesecake, awaited us and although unexpected was apparently part of the package.

En-route home I found that the combination of the wind on my face and through my hair, the gentle motion of the waves and the breath taking views as the sun went down and set left me totally relaxed.

The trip lasted for twelve hours and I thought it was great value for money. The company also do half day charters and longer trips. I’ll certainly be going back.


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