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The spooky season

November 2016

A Halloween pumpkin at Almond Valley Heritage Centre

You might be too old for guising, but Halloween isn’t just for children. In Scotland our tales of ghouls, mythical monsters and unexplained phenomenon have held sway over grownups for generations. Are you a sceptic or a firm believer in the supernatural? Take a page out of our terribly good new ebook: Ghosts, Myths & Legends. Discover the places, activities and stories that make Scotland the true home of Halloween.

Greyfriars poltergeist graveyard,
illustration from the Ghosts, Myths and Legends eBook

Did you know Halloween actually traces its roots all the way back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain? Now you do. This pagan tradition marked the end of summer the beginnings of winter and is enacted to this day as a spectacular fire festival.

Edinburgh Castle Drummer from Myths and Legends eBook

Ghost Tours
Fancy yourself an amateur ghost hunter? Choose one the many ghost tours held year-round in Scotland. As one of the most haunted countries in the world you have a good chance of experiencing some kind of paranormal phenomenon, whether haunted castle, underground vault or historic pub.

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