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Planning Retirement Online

Why laterlife


The aim of laterlife is quite simple; to make life more enjoyable and more fun for those of us over 50 and to help make the most of later life in every way.

This means providing a place to visit that helps achieve this - providing ideas, information, articles and facilities to make it more enjoyable, and encouraging the interchange of ideas and information between us, so that we can help one another through our joint knowledge and experiences.

For most of us who have had a long working life, in retirement it's certainly time to enjoy the fruits of our labour  - for the first time probably since our childhood we are time rich and we can now make the most of it.

We've probably never had such a startling opportunity where we can bring all our experience to bear to choose how we spend this next stage of our lives - for the first time we can write our own job description!

It's important to build into this 'job description' not just the core things like home, family, friends and some of the leisure pursuits we enjoy. It's also important to build in some new things like activities which will keep mind and body fit, activities that will replace any loss of social network from the working environment, perhaps even some part time work or giving something back with voluntary work.

laterlife provides information to support all of this and in addition offers off-web Planning Retirement Workshops to help plan a balanced retirement.

If there is one thing that will make laterlife useful to us all, it is drawing on our joint knowledge and experience. So if you haven't tried joining in a forum before, now is the time to try it - visit the laterlife retirement network - listen in first and join in when you feel like it.


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