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Laterlife Challenge Past Winners


More examples of great winners over the last few years


Midlands & Wales Region and National Winner

Christine Edwards, 64 from Rutland, Leicestershire.

Christine receiving her award from Tony Clack (MD of Laterlife) in the clubhouse of Greetham Valley Golf Club


Christine receiving her award from Tony Clack (MD of Laterlife) in the clubhouse of North Luffenham  Golf Club



When Christine’s husband Bill had two serious heart attacks followed by bypass surgery 15 years ago, the pair saw it as ‘a wake-up’ call – realising that a change in lifestyle was needed with a healthier diet, more exercise and above all to enjoy life to the full. They joined the local pitch and putt course, and then when the Greetham Valley Golf Club opened nearby, became founder members.

Christine ‘really excelled herself at this time,’ says her sister-in-law, Audrey Oversen. ‘She not only won through local and area rounds but went on to represent England in the Rover Cup in Spain. It meant conquering her golf nerves and also plucking up courage to fly for the first time.’

Back at the time of Bill’s illness, Christine also gave up paid employment, retiring early from her job as town clerk. Instead, she began to serve as a volunteer member of the Uppingham Town Council. She has been Finance Officer and Deputy Mayor and, says Audrey, ‘always had the interest of the ordinary people of Uppingham at heart. On many occasions she is stopped in the street by a resident who has a worry or concern about a local issue and is never too busy to talk it over and follow up on their behalf if necessary’. She is also on the committee responsible for the setting up of the local branch of the ‘Prince's Trust’ and has helped young local people get several projects off the ground. She has also been a ‘rock’ to other members of her family coping with illness, including helping out with hospital visits whenever needed.

Judges comments

The judges were very impressed indeed by the breadth of Christine’s activities in retirement. Not only is she doing things for other people but she is also developing herself. How many of us take up something in retirement and then represent our country at it?

Christine is leading the way in almost every ‘category’ of the Challenge. She is having new experiences, she’s keeping active, she’s doing things for others and she’s certainly got that ‘Spirit of the Sixties’ when we thought that anything and everything was possible! In the judges’ view, she is an excellent example of how to make the utmost of retirement.

East Anglia Region Winner and National Runner Up

Paul Juby, 76, from Great Yarmouth

Paul at work in his office


Paul at work in his office





Paul has become a published author this year with his first book reviewed on the Internet and by the local newspaper. Paul has a great sense of humour and his book Laugh With The Lord is a collection of 200 Christian cartoons – quite appropriate for a man who loves preaching and does so around twice a month at one of 24 local Methodist churches. He has also collected 420 topics to preach on and once that’s reached 500, he plans to publish them as a collection for use by himself and other preachers.

A long-term supporter of The Boys Brigade in Malaysia, Paul set up the Federation of Stedfast Associations for the UK and Republic of Ireland at the age of 70 to raise funds and support BB activities – and as a former chairman of the FSA, he takes its establishment very seriously. This year alone, he has written to 80 UK newspapers and more than 80 BB battalions in the UK to publicise the FSA’s activities. As honorary Vice President of the BB in Malaysia, he visited Malaysia and Hong Kong to prepare to lead his 4th sponsored climb of Mount Kinabalu(13,500ft) for BB Asia next year. ‘This will be as always an international climb, with the largest team from Hong Kong and participants from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia,’ he says. Not bad for someone with two artificial hips – giving him the nickname "Robokop".

He rises at 5.30 and spends two hours on his electric treadmill, as well as indulging in his favourite hobby of gardening. Having thoroughly enjoyed his 70s, he is now looking forward to an eighth decade that he is certain will be full of adventure.

Paul receiving his award


Paul receiving his award





Judges comments

Paul made the judges tired just reading about his exploits and, considering that he’s in his late 70s, it’s amazing that he has so much energy. His writing and his dedication to the Boys Brigade, through the FSA, are truly excellent examples of how to develop oneself through new experiences and of how to help others in retirement.

When those activities are added to his exercise and gardening regimes, which keep him incredibly active, his whole lifestyle is one of making the most of retirement. With his amazingly positive outlook on life, the judges are convinced that he will continue to be a role model for all retired people for many years to come.

South East Regional Winner and National Runner Up

John Cullis, 66 from Epping, Essex

John together with Josh his flying instructor receiving his award at Stapleford Flying Club.


John together with Josh his flying instructor receiving his award at Stapleford Flight  Centre



At 66, John, a former headmaster, has taken on the challenge of learning to fly at his local flying club, Stapleford in Essex. He has already passed exams including Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law, Radio Telephony, Flight Planning, Human Factors and Pilot Performance and a series of practical tests including a cross country solo navigation test. He’s about to take his final practical tests which will give him his pilot’s licence. It may sound highly dangerous – but it seems par for the course.

John also enjoys travelling and new experiences. This year alone, he drove 2,500 miles around Europe, learned to steer a narrow boat down the Oxford canal, went down in a submarine and went camel riding. ‘I’ll try anything once,’ is his motto.

He likes to help others too. He helps out locally with Save the Children and even took over Jake the Boxer when the dog’s owner couldn’t keep it – and now takes it for long walks every day.

He’s also a governor of a local secondary school and is still engaged in primary school teacher training for the University of East London. This involves him in visiting schools across East London observing, grading and encouraging students.

John standing on the wing of the Warrior in which he learnt to fly


John standing on the wing of the Warrior in which he learnt to fly




Judges comments

John is a truly inspiring example to all retired people. He is a leader in almost every ‘category’ of the Laterlife Challenge. He helps others and he keeps active as well as helping Jake keep active, too! He enjoys new experiences in abundance and, with his learning to fly, truly has that ‘Spirit of the Sixties’, when we thought that anything was possible.

He is a perfect role model for retired people and shows everyone that being retired doesn’t mean the end. Far from it – it’s an entry into a whole new way of life!


By the time John received his award he had also passed his final practical tests, so is now a fully qualified pilot!

South West

Roy Pepworth, 69 from Bristol

Roy at 'the sea walls' Bristol


Roy at 'the sea walls' Bristol overlooking the Avon Gorge


When Roy retired from his job in recruitment five years ago, he was determined he would not just sit around doing nothing. And so far, he has kept to his word.

When Roy retired from his job in recruitment five years ago, he was determined he would not just sit around and do nothing. And so far, he has kept to his word.

Roy and the walking group on a beautiful November morning.

Roy and the walking group on a beautiful November morning.


As a Bristolian with a good knowledge of the area and its history, he is walk leader of a local walking group that meets every Thursday morning, 52 weeks a year doing different walks that Roy researches himself. The group makes good use of their free bus passes. But it’s walking that Roy loves - he does at least an hour every day. The result is that he feels fitter than ever and has taken four inches off his waist size and weighs the same as he did 30 years ago.

He delivers the church magazine every month, on foot of course. He also works on a voluntary basis for Bristol prison, as the training officer on the independent monitoring board and he keeps his organisation skills in order as the company secretary for the privately owned block of flats where he lives.

With Rosalind, his wife of 45 years, he loves to go cruising and explore new places and cultures – with a cruise planned to celebrate his 70th birthday next year in the Far East, visiting Hong Kong, China, Japan and Vietnam.


Roy by signpostJudges comments

In the judges’ view, Roy epitomises all that is good about retirement. Roy helps others but also finds time for himself and his family by exploring new parts of the world. He keeps active and by doing so helps not only himself but others, too. His range of activities is so broad that it is amazing that he finds time to relax!

Roy is a perfect example to all retired people with his energy, enthusiasm and willingness to help others as well as making sure that he and his wife don’t miss out on an enjoyable retirement. By combining his help for others with his keeping active and new experiences he is a leader in many of the Laterlife Challenge ‘categories’. As such, he is a worthy winner.


North, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Joan Elliott, 65, Wirral, Merseyside

Joan receiving her award with some of her collection of bells in the background


Joan receiving her award with some of her collection of bells in the background





A former occupational therapy manager, Joan does a great deal of work to help others and has developed her previous hobbies and interests much more fully in retirement. In addition she now takes the opportunity to travel to new places, make new friends worldwide and teach her grandchildren activities she learnt as a child. She has just returned from Bucharest taking items to an orphanage there.

Joan has always been an active member of Lions Clubs International, and in 2004 – 2005 was elected to serve as District Governor – the first lady in the district to hold this office. The District covers, Wirral, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and North Wales – a total of 66 clubs which had to be visited during the year.

As a member of West Kirby Lions Club she is involved with fundraising events, some of which include organising a Christmas Star appeal which invites the public to donate a gift for a child who will otherwise receive nothing at Christmas, reading for their Talking Champion project – a recording of a local magazine for the visually impaired on the Wirral - and co-ordinating their ABC – Action for Babies and Children, a project which distributes children’s clothes, toys, and blankets to Eastern Europe.

For the future her aim is to initiate 2 projects for children in Sri Lanka. One will be to obtain individual sponsorship for 20 children who attend a Lions Child Care centre. The centre was built with funds raised during an appeal which she initiated when District Governor in response to the Tsunami. The other is to obtain reading books for schools in Sri Lanka and arrange transportation of them to Colombo.

Joan’s hobby of many years has been collecting bells. Since retirement she now has the time to research information about bells and with her husband has formed a group for collectors – Bell Collectors of the British Isles. She now has a collection of over 800.

More of Joan's bell collection

More of Joan's bell collection




Bells have also caused Joan to get to grips with a variety of technological techniques including buying and selling on eBay. Earlier this year she was invited to give a presentation to the American Bell Association convention in Chicago which caused her to produce digital images of her bells and incorporate them in a powerpoint presentation for the first time. She’s also produced a simple web page for the Bell Collectors of the British Isles club.

Joan now enjoys travelling and visiting places she didn’t have time to during her working life. Lions Club international and her bell collecting provide the opportunity but she says, ‘the highlight for me was this year when we took a trip to Sri Lanka and I celebrated my 65th birthday, with a seafood barbeque on a torch lit beach with the Indian Ocean lapping at the rocks. MAGIC!’

Back at home Joan also plays an important part in her grandchildren’s lives during school holidays. As well as creating a family scrap book for them she says, ‘I try to teach them some activities which were taught to me as a child:gardening, rug making, cross stitch, craft work. Hopefully in the future they will recall these skills and teach them to their children’

And finally Joan likes to do her bit to ‘save the world’ making use of the web site Freecycle to offer items to others which she no longer needs.

Judges comments

Joan’s activities took the judges’ breath away! She’s a leader in almost all the Laterlife Challenge categories. She helps others, she enjoys new experiences, she keeps very active, she’s discovering new skills and, in the ‘Spirit of the Sixties’, when we thought anything was possible, she clearly still does!

She is a wonderful role-model for all retired people, proving that retirement is the gateway to a whole new way of life. People can develop themselves, help others and have fun; Joan shows everyone just how they can do it.

If you or someone you know are doing interesting things in their retirement, we would love to hear from you. You can use this years nomination form to get your entry in.


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